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Classes Available:


Age Groups:

  • Careers & Kids (Formally Known as Mummy & Me) - Toddlers - 5years Parents or Carers are involved in these classes by dancing along in the class with there little one.

  • Tiny Tots     3-5 years (Pre-school age) There are no parents spectating these classes but are welcome to wait just outside the studio door in the reception area.

  • Pre-Junior   5-7 Year (approx.. Kinder-Year 1)

  • Junior           8-10 Years (Approx.. year 2-4)

  • Pre-Teen      11-12 Years (Approx. year 5-6)

  • Teen 1           13-14 Intermediate Skill (Approx. year 7-8)

  • Teen 2          15+ or Intermediate/Advanced Skill (Approx. Year 9 -12)

  • Adult            (Minimum age 17 years)

Dance Recreational Class:

Recreational classes are a fun way to learn to dance they are non competitive but class members are invited to present a dance item at our mid-year and end of year concerts. Is a combination Class where the students will get to learn both

Jazz & Contemporary dance techniques and styles. Students will also learn Jazz These classes are great for beginners to intermediate dancers with plenty of options within the class to work of basic foundational levels or more advanced skills depending on the dancers.

Ballet Classes:

Our Ballet classes are designed to develop foundation of classical technique as an addition to all dancing and to cater to those that aspire to be ballet dancers and choose to do ATOD Exams.

Pre-Pointe Ballet Class:

This class is by request only as your ballet experience and skill must be assessed before starting this class. You must already be enrolled in a ballet class and be a minimum age of 12 years old. Pre-Pointe class is for those wanting to develop the strength and skills to begin their journey into pointe shoes. Pointe shoe assessments will be offered to students when these finish their pre-pointe programs. Every dancer is different and this is an individual journey within the class to safely reach their goal of dancing en pointe so dancers will achieve this at different stages to other students in the class.

Tap Classes:

Students in our tap classes will enjoy developing tap techniques and exploring different rhythms. These classes are open to beginners as well as rounded tap dancers that wish to strive for a Tap exam in the future.

Acro Dance:

Levels are not age based, they are skill based.

Pre-Primary-Primary – (under 6 years) Students will be put through a high energy class that will be developing their balance, strength, flexibility, and control of movements. Skill being developed in this class are forward rolls, feet to head, Bridge, bunny hops, splits,*Preparations for handstands and Cartwheels.

Level 1-3 - Students will develop skills in core strength, upper body strength and overall flexibility and control. Acrobatic skills being developed in this class include handstand postures, cartwheels, roundoffs, basic bridge postures,*preparations for forearm stands, back walk overs, forward walk overs.

Level 4-6 - Students will develop a deeper understanding of core strength, upper body strength, overall flexibility and control Acrobatic skills being developed in this class include advanced bridge postures, cartwheel variations, rolls Variations, forward and backward walkovers with variations, kick overs, elbow stands, *preparations for back hand springs, tinskis and side aerials. *Preparation – developing the pre-requisites for these skills and not performing the skill itself.


Hip Hop:

Students love our upbeat hip-hop classes that teach them all the trend/foundation moves from the 60s to current days. They will find their own groves, learn high energy routines and touch on some basic break dancing moves. We have Boys only options of these classes, open age class and competition troupe/crew.


Competition Troupes:

Junior/mini Troupe

Pre-intermediate Troupe

Intermediate Troupe

Senior Troupe

Cortney Summerell

Cortney has trained in dance for 20yrs at Minas Dance Academy, Wagga Wagga in many styles including, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, New Vouge, Latin and Ballet Technical skills. From the young age of 10 she began to help and assist in tiny tots classes gaining an experience that would later lead her to teaching class as she got older. She has competed and performed for many years. Currently finishing study in a Cert IV of Dance teaching and Management and a Completed Diploma of Professional Pilates.

Some of Cortney's experiences and achievements are listed below:

Completion of Level 10 Ballet with Honours - ATOD

Completion of 12 Jazz Exams F.A.T.D

HSC Dance Completion 

National and State finalist in many styles of dance

Regional Champion in many Styles

Regional and State school ensemble Representative 

Trained in Sydney with various teachers and industry professionals during school holidays.

Competed at the Australian Dancesport Championships for many years

Cortney has done many dance performances and showcases at School Spec at the Sydney Entertainment centre and was  part of the Showcase performance for the Queensland National Dancesport Championships at Jupiter's Casino, Gold Coast as well as many local and regional performances. 

Cortney loves to choreograph, perform and teach dance. Sharing her passion and knowledge that she continues to gain over the years.

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