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Classes Available:


Age Groups:

  • Careers & Kids (Formally Known as Mummy & Me) - Toddlers - 5years Parents or Carers are involved in these classes by dancing along in the class with there little one.

  • Tiny Tots     3-5 years (Pre-school age) There are no parents spectating these classes but are welcome to wait just outside the studio door in the reception area.

  • Pre-Junior   5-7 Year (approx.. Kinder-Year 1)

  • Junior           8-10 Years (Approx.. year 2-4)

  • Pre-Teen      11-12 Years (Approx. year 5-6)

  • Teen              13+ Years (Approx. High School Age)

  • Adult/Mature Age  18+ Years (We have adult of all ages in our classes)

  • Its never too late to start your dance journey.

Competition Troupes:

  • Junior/mini Troupe

  • Pre-intermediate Troupe

  • Intermediate Troupe

  • Senior Troupe

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