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Online Dance and Pilates Classes


First 4 week online block starting: 
Monday 11th May - Friday 5th June

You will need to use Zoom (an app) on either your computer with web cam, Phone or tablet. Please request more information on zoom if you are unfamiliar with this online tool.

I have chosen to run these classes in 4 week blocks in the hope that if government regulations change and allow dance and pilates classes in small number we can then reassess our class format without a restrictive 10 week term online.


2 Class Passes available to book



This pass will give you access to all online dance classes for 4 weeks. You can sign into any classes and style you would like do. I suggest you sign into your suited age group but if you want a challenge by joining another age groups class by all means do so. 



This pass will give you access to all Pilates in the timetable for 4 weeks plus Pre recorded videos that will be able to stream in your own time. Beginner level - Intermediate.

How to book for a 4 week Class Pass.

1. Go to website

2. Go to " Online Pilates & Dance Classes" Page

3. Click "Book Now"

4. Follow these steps provided to book

Click Group Sessions

Select the Class Pass

Click 11th May (Start date)

Click 4pm (The time is irrelevant just needed to create the booking)

Enter you details (Write family discount in the extra info if need for me to adjust invoice)

Then a confirmation email will be sent to you. I will also send an Invoice for the classes to be paid.

Once the invoice is paid I will be able to send an email with the Passwords and ID codes to get online for Zoom Classes. 



Other services available at this time:

- Private lessons and private group session for Pilates and Dance.

-Remedial Massage therapy at the Narooma Studio Location -Muscle tension/pain, Back, Neck, Shoulder, legs, arms ect. Mild muscle strains Sports/recreational injuries Headaches

Book online through the website


 Kind Regards and see you soon,Cortney Summerell | Studio Owner | 0402792431

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