Studio Blue Pilates

Cortney has completed a Diploma of Professional Pilates  ITC, giving her the knowledge and experience to fine tune the application and teaching of the Pilates method on all Pilates equipment included Reformers. She has done over 150hr of work experience to complete her qualification. Within her training she completed workshops that covered posture conditions, post natal and pre-natal Pilates and Pilates for Seniors. With her in depth knowledge of anatomy and her back ground of years of dance training and teaching and Remedial massage Therapy Cortney is sure to bring the best out of you in her Pilates classes. 

Studio Pilates - Reformer + Wunda Chair

Studio Pilates Sessions Can have up to 3 People in 1 session. Exercises are specifically programmed for the individuals needs and goals using a Pilates Reformer or Pilates Wunda Chair. As the session is in a  small group difficulty of the exercises will be tailored to the individual Beginner-Advanced.


Sessions are with instructor Cortney Summerell. She studied and completed a 2 year Diploma of Professional Pilates with Pilates ITC in Sydney and has trained in Pilates for injury rehabilitation, pre-natal, post natal, Sport specific exercise programming and is also a Dancer and Remedial Massage Therapist. 

$35 1 class                         $125 - 5 Class Pass

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Mums & Bubs Pilates

Post Natal Pilates help bring the body back to balance, strength and awareness.

The Mums & Bubs Pilates class is  casual program designed to Strengthen and tone muscles, re strengthen pelvic floor, and encourage good posture. This class can be more gentle then the General Matwork class with plenty of variation to suit individual needs.

- Bubs for this class can be placed on a blanket, mat or capsule beside you with their favourite toy or blanket. 

- Kids and toddlers will have a set up area in sight right next to the Pilates space with toys and activities.

Or they can pull up a mat beside you and can get involved in the class. 

Young yogi smiling mother working out en
Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Senior - Seated Gentle Pilates

Promote good strength, stability and movement through muscles and joints

A Pilates class that focus on gentle movement and strengthening while seated or holding onto a chair for extra balance and stability. The classes gentle pace allows for a friendly social environment while you exercise also while allowing for progression through a variety of exercises.

All Equipment is supplied  

Thick Mats

Pilates Balls


Foam Rollers

Trigger Balls

Toning Balls

10 week term - 1 Class a week $160

Private Pilates $50

Semi Private 2pp $25 each

Semi Private 3pp $20 Each

(Booked by Appointment)


Matwork Pilates

Pilates creates change, strength, health and wellness. 

The General Matwork Pilates class is based on a 10 week program designed to strengthen and tone the body, promote and train good posture and gradually challenge clients at their own pace. Small interment classes insure you are being taught a correct an efficient Pilates method. Small apparatus equipment is used in the class eg, Pilates balls, band and weights.

Stretch & Roll

Not your average stretch class!!

A class that combines a series of stretches in a flowing order to focus on the whole body then rolling out our muscles for a self massage on foam rollers and trigger balls to help relieve those common aches and muscle stiffness. This class is run on a Friday & Saturday Morning to stretch out the week and enjoy the weekend.

Yoga Class